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To date there have been 57 Community-based gTLD applications for cities, geographical regions and cultural communities announced.

These bids follow the succesful launch of regional TLDs of  .eu in 2005, .cat (Catalonia) in 2006 and .asia in 2007.  So far, the USA is the country with the largest number of cityTLD bids announced, followed by Germany. Elsewhere in the world, city bids are mainly confined to capital cities:

Europe Americas Asia Pacific Africa & Middle East
  • .basel (Basel, Switzerland)
  • .boston (Boston, USA)
  • .bkk (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • .bcn (Barcelona, Spain)
  • .chicago (Chicago, USA)
  • .dallas (Dallas, USA)
  • .seoul (Seoul, Korea)
  • .syd (Sydney, Australia)
  • .koln (Cologne, Germany)
  • .miami (Miami, USA)
  • .pdx (Portland, Oregon. USA)
  • .seattle (Seattle, USA)
  • .sfo (San Francisco, USA)
  • .riga (Riga, Latvia
  • .vegas (Las Vegas, USA)
  • .roma (Rome, Italy)
  • .val (Valencia, Spain)
  • .toronto (Toronto, Canada)
  • .bog (Bogota, Columbia)

Europe dominates the list of announced bids for geo-political regions:

Europe Americas Asia Pacific Africa & Middle East
  • .and (Andalucia, Spain)
  • .que (Quebec, Canada)
  • .lat (Latin America)
  • .eac
    (East Africa Community)
  • .bzh (Brittany, France)
  • .eng (England)
  • .gal (Gallicia, Spain)
  • .ker (Cornwall, England)
  • .lli (Llión, Spain)
  • .nrw (Nordrhein-Westfallen, Germany)
  • .sic (Szeklerland, Romania)
  • .ven (Venetia, Italy)
  • .vla (Flanders, Belgium)
  • .yks (Yorkshire, England)

Other bids that more closely correlate to a community defined by language and culture include:

  • .cat (Catalan - live since 2006)
  • .fra (Francophone communities)
  • .indigi (Indigenous peoples)
  • .nai (Native, Aboriginal, Indigenous peoples)
  • .irish (Irish diaspora)
  • .kab (Kabyle (Berber) – Northern Algeria)
  • .kurd (Kurdish culture)
  • .zulu (Zulu culture)
  • عربي . (Dot Arab)

Keyword applications: a number of organisations are preparing to bid for generic keyword terms – almost 40 have been publically announced to date. Most are from new start-ups that have attracted investment based on their business plans to market and sell second level registrations under their new domain. However some will also be submitted by large established corporations seeking to exploit keywords that resonate with their business activity. The majority of these will be submitted as Standard applications, although there may be instances in which the applicant defines their submission as Community-based, such as .gay.

Charity/NFP Sport Commercial Technology Demographic Entertainment Other
  • .news
  • .kids
  • .mail
  • .artist

Brand owners: On March 17 2010, Japanese camera and printer manufacturer Canon became the first intellectual property owner to announce a bid, although numerous organisations are making enquiries and initiating feasibility assessments. In July 2010 UNICEF published an RFI concering a dot UNICEF domain. A number of brand owners submitted public comments to ICANN on DAG4.