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New gTLDs to launch at the end of May 2011

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The ICANN Board has resolved to launch the new gTLD process at the end of May 2011. What are the milestones to look out for and what do you need to do by when?

Countdown to the New gTLDs

At its Meeting on 28 October 2010, the ICANN Board passed a resolution in relation to the New gTLDs instructing the staff “to adopt as a working plan the Launch Scenario with launch date of Q2 2011”. The Board then referred to the following graphic which can be viewed at

What does this mean for brand owners? Here is our interpretation of the ICANN countdown. Note that where ICANN has named an exact day such as 9 November 2010 for the publication of the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook, our experience of working with ICANN shows that this should be regarded as a target.

November 2010: Publication of “Proposed Applicant Guidebook” for 30 days of comment.

December 2010: ICANN Open Meeting, Cartagena, Colombia where the Proposed Applicant Guidebook will be discussed before the Board directs the staff to implement final changes.

January 2011: Publication of Applicant Guidebook and the launch of the New gTLD communications plan launched.

March 2011: ICANN Open Meeting, San Francisco, California: It might be that ICANN will announce who it is appointing to undertake Evaluations and to operate the Clearinghouse at this time.

End of May or early June 2011: New gTLD application period opens. This is when you will need to submit your applications or to monitor who is applying for which terms so that you can mount an objection if necessary.

With the fastest route to delegation being just eight months, expect new gTLDs to go live from Spring/early Summer 2012.

With the current Board Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush due to retire by rotation at the June 2011 ICANN Open Meeting, this timetable delivers him the opportunity to leave on what he will regard as a high note as the architect who delivered the expansion of the gTLD name space.

Below is our version of the new gTLD timeline.

Web directors focus on new gTLDs

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Bowen Craggs gTLD seminar

David Green, Project Manager at Valideus, recently presented to members of the Bowen Craggs network of corporate web directors and managers.

The afternoon explored the background to the gTLD initiative, types of prospective applicants, business models and innovation in digital services, the implications for brands, and managing the complexities of the ICANN application and evaluation processes.

A lively discussion ensued amongst participants, with lots of questions being asked.

An article, ‘What’s to fear about a new address’ covers the topics discussed, and concludes that the new gTLDs are “not something any large organisation can ignore”.


Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

ネット空間が大きく変わっています。インターネットのIPアドレスやドメイン名などの各種資源を全世界で調整・管理するICANNがトップレベルドメインの自由化を進めており、ブランド名や都市名にもとづいた新たなジェネリックトップレベルドメイン名(gTLDs)の取得が可能になるからです。ブランド gTLDs、都市gTLDsの開発や取得でコンサルティング業務を展開する英企業、ヴァリデウスのディベロップメント・ディレクター、リズ・ウィリアムズ博士に新たな動きの背景やメリットについて聞きました。

Screenshot of UK DTI Japanese website

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A battle for online naming rights

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Nick Wood, Managing Director of Valideus, was interviewed by the Financial Times in an indepth article on new gTLDs: ‘A battle for online naming rights‘ . (free access, registration required – published June 17, 2010)

Dotname goldrush

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Nick Wood, Managing Director of Valideus, was interviewed by the Sunday Times in an article on new gTLDs: ‘Get ready for the dotname goldrush’. (free access, registration required – published June 20, 2010)