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Valideus helps brand owners, communities and businesses get the most out of the opportunities presented by dot brand, geographic and generic Top Level Domains. We are a consultancy that helps guide you through the application process right through to launching and managing your new domain. We also provide validation services to restricted registries and advice on policy and training. Here's an overview of our services (pdf).




Amongst the humdrum of ICANN activity this week were two webinars dedicated to the issue of geographic names at the top level of the domain name system.  During the first round of new gTLDs, a number of brands – from Patagonia to Tata – applied for their trademarks at the top level, only to find themselves in disagreement with governments, who claimed sovereign rights over the corresponding geographic name (in addition to those names already protected in the Applicant Guidebook e.g. city names).  Unless the ICANN community can come together and agree a way forward, then any future round of new gTLDs will continue to feature these uncomfortable disagreements, and even litigation.


9 May 2017 to 11 May 2017

We'll be attending the ICANN GDD summit in Barcelona, this May.

The GDD Industry Summit provides contracted parties an opportunity to...