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Valideus helps brand owners, professional associations and community leaders to evaluate the ICANN new gTLD opportunity, to navigate the application process and to manage secure registries. We also provide registrant validation services, consultancy on policy and training.


  • Another briefing webinar on the proposal for Enchancing #ICANN's Accountability, 25 Aug, 6-8 pm UTC #IANAtransition
  • #ICANN to develop a process for the release of 2-letter domains that have been blocked by governments #newgtlds
  • What to make of the Trademark Clearinghouse? High costs, low uptake and technical outages #TMCH


What to make of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)? Conceived packaged and presented by ICANN as a cost-reducing mechanism, the TMCH contract was awarded to Deloitte and IBM. Instead of building the TMCH to the blueprint of a domain name registry with a searchable database, they created their own fortress with cumbersome operational processes that place significant burdens not only on registrars and registries, but also brand owners. The end result? High costs for rights-owners and low take up (there are still under 40,000 entries). Still, we reflected, at least the system runs smoothly. But that is not the case. ICANN has now written to all users of the TMCH with a report into five “recent issues with the Trademark Clearinghouse Database (TMDB) system” including technical outages for more than 12 hours, human error uploading insecure SSL certificates and overloaded file systems. Are we alone in thinking that when you are running a system that is a single point of failure, you need to do better than this in terms of marketing an affordable service and running a reliable database?


15 September 2015 to 18 September 2015
Vienna, Austria

Further information will be available in May 2015.