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Valideus is regarded as a thought leader in the domain name profession, after managing over 12% of .BRAND applications in the first round. Therefore, our team are frequently invited to speak at events. 


Nick Wood, MD of Valideus, participated in the process that led to the creation of ICANN in the late 1990s and since then has attended over 40 ICANN meetings and been an officer on two occasions of the Intellectual Property Constituency. The management team have represented trademark/commercial interests on discussion panels at meetings for new gTLD applicants, the GAC (Government Advisory Committee), and before the ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation). Currently Jeff Neuman, our SVP of Valideus USA is co-chair of the ICANN Policy Development Process (PDP) on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures and Susan Payne is heavily involved on behalf of our clients in the PDP on new gTLD Rights Protection Mechanisms Review.


Program Co-Chair, INTA: Internet, Innovation and ICANN: The Evolving Landscape of the Net, September 2014, Nick Wood 

Lessons Learned From The First Round, INTA: Internet, Innovation and ICANN: The Evolving Landscape of the Net​, September 2014, Nick Wood

Do We Have Launch? Assessment of the New gTLD Program, INTA's 135th Annual Meeting, May 2013, Nick Wood

Domains Names – How to Protect Your .assets, INTA's 132nd Annual Meeting, May 2010, Nick Wood


Making the Most of Your .BRAND and the Evolving Internet, NamesCon, January 2015, Dietmar Lenden

Lessons Learned from Recently Launched TLDs, NamesCon, January 2015, Richard Pringle

Other conferences

New gTLDs, New Challenges, Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre in conjunction with McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law; Microsoft Corporation; International Trademark Association (INTA), Trademark Law and Its Challenges, March 2014, Nick Wood

Preparing for Launch: What Applicant Brands Need To Do Now to Ensure a Successful TLD Deployment, Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress London, September 2013, Nick Wood

ICANN’s gTLD Program: Refocusing Your Approach, The USF School of Law McCarthy Institute and Microsoft Corporation Symposium, hosted by Time Warner Inc., Trademark Law and Its Challenges, Nick Wood, February 2012, Nick Wood