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The Com Laude & Valideus Gazetteer of Top Level Domains

January 2018 Edition

The purpose of our Gazetteer is to help brand owners and IP professionals navigate the ever-changing world of domains. We have profiled every live registry in the world, summarising their formalities and providing an overview of their policies.

Following requests from our clients including IP and internet governance experts we have also included three articles on matters which will shape domain name practice and policy in 2018.

Today there are more than 330 million registered domains spread across ca. 1,230 legacy and new gTLD registries and 400 country code registries. The domain name system in total in 2017 grew by nearly 7 million domains. Even as domain entrepreneurs began to offload the speculative new gTLD registrations they ambitiously registered, the owners of dot brand registries finally began to use their new assets.

We are delighted to have mapped the entire landscape of domain names. We cover all new gTLD registries from .AAA to .ZUERICH as well as legacy gTLDs (.COM, .ORG, .NET etc) and the Country Code registries; every place in the world where a business can register a domain and a few where you can’t.

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