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L’Oreal have caught the eye with the novel way they are running their new top level domain .MAKEUP.

3 weeks 2 days ago  

The rate of growth of of the number of domains registered globally is slowing - the second quarter of 2017 saw an increase of just 1.3m (<0.4%) to 331.9m across all Top Level Domains (TLDs). This compares to previous growth rates of 2-3%, according to Verisign's latest Domain Name Industry Brief.

Making up that topline statistic are rises in the number of legacy gTLD registrations .com, .net, .org and even an increase of 300,000 .info domains alongside a rise in the number of country code (cc) TLDs. Meanwhile the number of new gTLDs has fallen, most widely reported as the impact of giveaway domains not being renewed and a run on domains in China not holding.

So what's happening to the number of domain name registrations? Does this slow down represent the beginning of the end for domains? Or do the number of domains being registered even matter?

20 September 2017  

With 138 brands hosting nearly 900 active websites the landscape of dot Brands is starting to shape up and as those sites start to make their way up the Alexa rankings, increased visibility is starting to open the public's eyes to the world of dot Brand domain names.

7 September 2017  

August 2017 has seen the number of registered dot brand domains rise to 7,238, out of which 890 host active websites. There have been a number of interesting recent launches.

15 August 2017  

Just over 500 days ago Amazon applied to the International Centre for Dispute Resolute under ICANN’s Independent Review Process (IRP). Amazon contended that the ICANN Board were wrong to deny its applications for a .Amazon registry and its Chinese and Japanese derivation.  

On 11 July 2017 the panel released its final declaration. Although one of the three panelists submitted a “Concurring and partially dissenting opinion”, the panel found in favour of Amazon. 

10 August 2017  

As the validation agents for .law and .abogado, our job is to make sure that the right names get into the right hands and that someone who is in good standing with their local bar society or equivalent, registers a .law domain; and someone who is not a qualified legal practitioner, does not.

Of course, we also help those who are qualified but who have not submitted the right information.

4 August 2017