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Blockchain innovation in a new gTLD?

10 August 2018

Registry operator Minds + Machines Group Limited (‘MMX’) have announced the launch of their latest new gTLD .LUXE.  Initially intended to represent luxury goods and services, MMX have repurposed the TLD to support the blockchain platform Ethereum, using ‘LUXE’ to represent the phrase “Lets yoU eXchange Easily”.

While .luxe domains can be used in the normal way for websites and email addresses, registrants can also link their .luxe domain to their Ethereum account to replace their 40 character ID number to make it easier to remember and use.  For example, payments using the Ethereum platform can be made to ‘’, instead of to John Smith’s 40 character ‘wallet number’.

There has been much talk of innovation in the new gTLD space and this would appear to be one of those moves. Will it be a game-changer and take new TLDs to great heights? We’re not so sure, but this certainly feels like it's the kind of development that has potential to start people thinking more widely about use of domains alongside emerging technology platforms.