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Brands and Domains

7 September 2017

With 138 brands hosting nearly 900 active websites the landscape of dot Brands is starting to shape up and as those sites start to make their way up the Alexa rankings, increased visibility is starting to open the public's eyes to the world of dot Brand domain names.

Now, come the start of October (on the 2nd and 3rd to be precise), several of these brand owners and the businesses behind them are coming together at the Brands and Domains conference in the Hague. Hosted by Guillaume Pahud, founder of dot Stories, author of the dot brand observatory and formerly of luxury goods manufacturer, Richemont, Brands and Domains will focus on the opportunities and realities faced by dot brand operators. It's a chance to meet and chat with some of the leading proponents of dot brands and digital marketing. Our MD, Nick Wood will be presenting at the conference on the topic of: Creating a better, trusted and predictable dotBrand.

If you're able to attend we'd love to see you there!