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ICANN 61 Community Forum: What to Expect from the Puerto Rico Meeting

8 March 2018

The next ICANN meeting will be taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, running from Saturday 10 to Thursday 15 March 2018.  

As with most of the recent meetings, each of the three big GNSO Policy Development Processes (PDPs) - Rights Protections, Subsequent Procedures (Round Two of the new gTLD programme) and Next Generation Registry Directory Services (the replacement for WHOIS) - have substantial time allocated to them.  There will also be an important strategic planning session organized by the GNSO Council looking at how to maximize the effectiveness of the PDP process.  

Of the cross-community “high interest” sessions, the one entitled A Walk in the Shoes of a New gTLD Registry Operator is likely to be of particular interest for current registry operators, those considering applying in a future round, and all those interested in the New gTLD Program generally.  

The main topic of conversation in Puerto Rico, however, both in cross-community sessions and within the individual stakeholder groups and constituencies, is the model which ICANN is proposing to deal with the conflict between the contractual obligations to make WHOIS data publicly available and the European data protection legislation, the GDPR.  Enforcement of the GDPR comes into effect in May, so a resolution to the debate which settles on an interim model is becoming increasingly urgent. Click here to read the latest briefing on this complex and fast-changing topic from our sister company Com Laude.

A brief summary of the topics of discussion at the meeting:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Future of WHOIS
  • New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP and Future New gTLD Issues
  • Other Geographic Name Issues
  • Name Collisions
  • ICANN Draft FY19 Budget
  • Review of all Rights Protection Mechanisms in all TLDs PDP 
  • GNSO Council Strategic Planning on the PDP process
  • Next Generation Registration Directory Services to replace WHOIS PDP 
  • DAAR Session
  • A Walk in the Shoes of a New gTLD Registry Operator
  • .BRAND-Specific Sessions

As usual, the Valideus team will be attending on behalf of our brand clients to help keep them up to date on the latest updates, if you wish to meet with us then do get in touch