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The power of influencers – WELOVE.MAKEUP

25 September 2017

L’Oreal have caught the eye with the novel way they are running their new top level domain .MAKEUP.

With an eye-watering pricing model, average retail price of $7,000, it would appear that L'Oreal is seeking to use price as a tool to restrict registrations. 

However, what's really interesting to note is with the launch of we are beginning to see L'Oreal's strategic approach to using the .MAKEUP domain. Here, L’Oreal have partnered with influencers to create a social aggregation site where each influencer has their own unique page. On their page the influencers share makeup tips, videos and information on their favourite products. Each unique page is populated by the influencers own posts from their social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). It would also appear that L'Oreal has set up an individual domain for each of these influencers within the .MAKEUP space - a tool perhaps to broaden their own influencer footprint.

Brands using their TLDs to build partnerships and networks with important actors in the industry is a clever strategy. It creates content where L’Oreal can directly communicate with their consumers organically and at scale, and also maximises brand voice through word-of-mouth recommendations from influencers that their customers already recognise, trust and follow.

In the social media age this type of organic influencer site can be very effective, and utilising a new gTLD domain in this way is very innovative. It will be interesting to see if similar use cases emerge where brands work more and more closely with networks of influencers and partners.