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Understanding the world of dot brands: New report from Valideus and dotStories highlights the conservative approach being taken by brands to the roll-out of their new space on the internet

31 March 2016

Since late 2014, close to 600 brand owners have started to offer to their customers and visitors new online experiences and new ways to reach them, using the brand name i.e. .microsoft, .barclays and .sky instead of the traditional .com, .uk or .de.  The dot brand Observatory is a new report which analyses data from all the dot brands and highlights the slow speed at which the new registries are being populated with active content, despite some having been in existence for over a year.

The report shows that of the 589 new dot brand domains, 298 are live with at least one website and of the 298 brands with one live website, in fact, only 64 companies have active new content within their domain.

Commenting Nick Wood, MD of Valideus said, “This conservative approach by brands to the roll-out of their new space on the internet is unsurprising. Despite being the thought-leaders, these early adopters who saw the benefits of greater control are rightly very cautious when it comes to utilising their new address. Consideration must be given to search ranking, customer understanding and acceptance of the new names.”

Guillaume Pahud, CEO, dotStories adds, “Whilst acknowledging the challenge of creating a report on dot brand use when there is as yet little use, there are lessons that can be learned from the early adopters, the pioneers who are experimenting with their registries. dot brand applicants are approaching the exploitation of their new asset with great caution – dot brand is a complex, multi-dimensional project. It is innovative and disruptive and there are few if any relevant reference points.”

Other findings include the banking sector, predominantly in Europe, has welcomed the idea of a dot brand. New namespaces are being widely used from testing sites to a full online offering and only four of the new dot brand domains make into the top 100,000 websites visited worldwide.

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