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Dot Brand Observatory

The dot brand Observatory is an extensive research programme about the dot brand domain namespace. Around 550 brands have registered their name at the highest level of the domain hierarchy, the Top Level Domain. Created by Valideus and dotStories, the research analyses the strategies, tactics and operations of the brands that are proactively using their new domain name to create better customer experiences and to enhance their brands. On the site you will find dashboards, detailed case studies as well as examples of dot brand communication. These resources are essential to anyone involved in brand development and protection, looking for inspiration, benchmarks or insights.

There are now well over 100 brands actively using their new dot brand domains to promote their goods and services. The latest release of the Dot Brand Observatory, which is now a complimentary resource, produced by dotStories in collaboration with Verisign and Valideus paints a picture of a vibrant market that is developing significantly.

The latest statistics from the Dot Brand Observatory show that:

  • There are 719 Dot Brand websites (up 20% in just two months)
  • 55% of the domains are re-directs to existing content
  • The latest Dot Brand launches have been:
    • Sharp
    • Ricoh
    • Fresenius
    • CBS
  • State Bank of India, India’s biggest bank is in the process of switching their domains completely across to their Dot Brand,
  • .sbi Audi is now the second largest Dot Brand with 558 domains registered
  • .Google has 16 domains registered, of which 4 are active sites

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