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Registrar services for market niches

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Registries that are dedicated to serving specific market niches, or communities, such as regulated industries will require specialist registrar services to handle registrations. There may be a need for enhanced validation and checking of documentation to prove membership of a group or community. There may be special terms and conditions of content that can be held on these domains.

Com Laude is a registrar that can tailor the way we handle domain registration to help niche and community registries and their management of domains. All of your domain names can be centrally administered via our DNS-Dashboard®, which streamlines the registration and management of domain names under your TLD. The DNS-Dashboard® readily integrates with your back-end registry service provider and features, multiple authentication layers, tiered access permissions, bulk registration capabilities, portfolio reporting, real-time searching, resource record editing facilities, and complete visibility and control over your entire domain name portfolio.

Com Laude’s new gTLD registrar service comprises:

  • All of your new gTLD domains managed from one secure, central location
  • Multiple authentication layers, including user permission management, two-factor authentication, IP access restrictions, registrar locking, frequent penetration testing and infrastructure security testing
  • Technical integration with your back-end registry service provider (Neustar, Afilias, VeriSign, Nominet etc.)
  • Tiered access permissions, categorised by division (brand, business unit etc.) Domain Management user rights (registering or modifying domain names) and DNS-Management user rights (adding or editing DNS settings)
  • Portfolio reporting tools, featuring information such as patterns of registration and domain name count
  • First-rate client management provided by a dedicated, multilingual team of highly skilled and experienced intellectual property and domain name experts, accessible to you by phone or email
  • Flexible invoicing, constructed in a simple format that takes account of your needs, for example, brand-by-brand, with Purchase Order Numbers or domain names or both
  • Bespoke advice and consultancy