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gTLD validation and verification services

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We provide validation and verification services to Top Level Domain registry operators of all types. We have supplied validation services to two capital city TLDs, three national communities, numerous restricted registries and have consulted with multiple regulated industry applicants. We are the only team dedicated to the verification and validation of second-level domain applicant data with a registrar-friendly online validation system.

All new gTLD registry operators must offer a minimum 30-day Sunrise period, which is mandated by ICANN to safeguard intellectual property. This requirement is regarded by some as a minor detour on the road to go live; others see this as a chance to build a successful registry, winning registrations from rights owners, community stakeholders and local supporters.

Whatever you want to achieve from your launch, we are here to help you. We can design and implement a phased Sunrise for rights owners not in the Trademark Clearinghouse, or a Limited Registration period for local businesses or an eligibility check on accredited professionals.

Our processes are flexible and cost effective. Our systems are secure and scalable. Our experts are accurate and efficient. We offer a complete solution that reflects local legal principles and cultural sensitivities.

We validate all types of data including:

  • Registered and unregistered rights including trademarks, court-validated marks, marks protected by statute or treaty - including protected geographical indications and designations of origin - company names, trade names, social names and official acronyms;
  • Geographical nexus and residency including post codes and identity cards;
  • Community membership;
  • Professional affiliations.

If a name is recorded in an appropriate online database and the owner is clearly identified in that database, we can undertake a validation. If a name is not recorded in an online database, our validators will request supporting documentation, such as a certificate and/or proof of use. We always validate in accordance with local legal principles determined by the location of the registry, reviewing hard and soft copy evidence and checking third-party databases or internet references.

Underpinning our validation and verification services, we can work with you on the policies of your launch period including:

  • Rules of eligibility including T&Cs for participation in a Sunrise or Limited Registration period;
  • Contention resolution mechanisms where two or more parties apply for the same string;
  • A process and rules for administrative corrections;
  • Premium names – how these relate to strings applied for in other phases of the launch;
  • Appeals featuring a neutral panellist.

Clear communication is very important to us. We ensure that you have the essential management information you need as the registry operator, registrars know the status of any application and applicants are helped with clear guidance in their local language.

We have developed a secure, stand-alone validation and verification system, proven through use, to manage all types of rights, documents and proofs in any script, ASCII or IDN. This features an online Validation dashboard which governs the workflow, through which we issue decisions and communicate with registrars or end applicants. The benefit of this is that we can work with any Registry Service Provider.

Furthermore, your registrars do not have to undertake costly and time consuming integration or build new EPP extensions for types of rights. All they need to supply is the domain string, applicant name, address, telephone and email as a minimum. We do the rest. Your registrars do not have to chase their clients, your end registrants, for data, nor do end applicants have to re-key data. We communicate with the applicants and handle all queries. Confirmation of receipt of data or decisions can be an automated or personalised response via our dashboard and/or by email.

You remain in charge of the money flow and are the owner of all data which we will not re-use.

Our clients particularly value the granularity of our reporting on a case which shows the status of an application, the name of the validator, the time and date the validation was made, the documents reviewed, any decision, as well as the comments from the Team Leader.

We also provide you with statistics on volumes and the origin of applications.

Please contact Valideus for a demonstration or to discuss how we can tailor our workflows to your needs.

Our expertise

Our core team in London features project managers, policy experts and validators who may be lawyers, paralegals or trademark attorneys. Our shared experience covers all gTLD and ccTLD launches over the past 15 years, pre-dating ICANN. Our rigorous training ensures all our validators have a thorough understanding of applicable local law before working on any validations.

Our results

Our reputation is built upon our work with the .XXX. Blocking Programme. In twelve weeks our team of 16 validated more than 80,000 applications from all over the world, submitted by more than 50 registrars. At the same time we managed the .XXX Community Sunrise, which featured the verification of 200,000 members of the adult entertainment industry through an automated process, and our accuracy rating was 100%.

We have created a secure, state of art Operations Centre in London. If required, we can also build a local team at the heart of your community and train local language experts to provide customer service.

Our expertise goes beyond day-to-day validations and verifications. We operate a very effective appeals process whereby rejected applicants have access to a helpline via email or telephone. If the specially trained customer service team cannot resolve their issue, they are encouraged to submit an appeal which will be reviewed by a neutral panellist. This hands-on, cost-neutral process resolves all but a handful of cases at a very early stage.

Our philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is to do what we can to assist eligible applicants to pass validation. We help the people and organisations that are important to your success to gain the domains that they are entitled to in your registry. We keep your registrars happy through regular reporting and provide a very high level of customer support to your applicants.

Further information

For further information on our validation services, including our flexible pricing models or a demonstration of our systems, please email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7421 8299.