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Future applicants

The next window (round 2) for applications for new gTLDs is likely to open in 2019. Valideus offers an application management service to prepare and submit applications designed to exceed the requirements of the ICANN appointed evaluators for new gTLD applications.

In addition to support and guidance from our team of experts, Valideus provides a Project Manager dedicated to ensuring that key milestones are reached and that the application process proceeds on time.

ICANN application requirements are very complex – guidance on the last application process spanned hundreds of pages, with 50 questions to be answered covering detailed technical, financial, business model, operational and policy requirements. Applicants also had to contract with providers for registry operations, data escrow and other services.

Valideus guides clients through the complexities of the application process:

  • Project management: The output of the Initiation Workshop is a project plan that details all tasks, timings, roles and responsibilities, contingencies, critical issues, key milestones and deadlines. Regular review meetings are also scheduled.
  • Application type: should you submit a Community-based or a Standard application? What are the requirements and relative merits of each type?
  • String selection: How do you select an eligible character string that stands the best chance of being approved? Should you apply for the name of your company, a leading brand or even a descriptive term? Do you need to commission an expert legal opinion or trade mark search to support your choice?
  • Policy development: We help you to select policies appropriate for your registry covering eligibility, pre-launch Rights Protection Mechanisms (if relevant), Whois (how much data do you include?), Name masking, Renewal frequency, response to malicious behaviours etc. How can you reflect these policies in your registry’s Terms & Conditions? How will these impact your business plans?
  • Business model: We advise and assist in the preparation of the required Financial, Technical and Operational plans over the three years following delegation of your domain by ICANN into the world root of the Internet. These feature detailed budgets covering staffing mix and levels, IT and infrastructure, ICANN compliance, marketing and legal expenditure with appropriate reserves and allowances for changes in scale.
  • Registry operations: Valideus can provide registry operations through a number of technical service providers. We can assist your own technical and legal experts as they interpret the ICANN registry operator contract and compliance requirements.
  • Template responses: We assessed the necessary requirements for the ICANN application. We know which issues carry the points that you must score. We draft answers and prepare supporting documents for you.
  • Objections, Disputes and Contention: working with your attorneys, we can advise on strategies to overcome third-party objections and resolve any contention.
  • Auctions: Even if you are successful in passing the evaluation process, it is possible that you may face an auction for your selected term. We advise on strategies for bidding, including the consideration of your competition and expected volumes. 
  • Transition and launch: Successful applicants must undergo technical testing of registry operations. With our registry experts, we walk you through this process to ensure that your domain is successfully delegated into the World Root of the Internet.
  • Migration of your gTLD into your own infrastructure: When you are ready, for example when you decide you want to move your email and websites away from your .com, we have strategies and experts to help you with a smooth migration.

What our clients say about us:

“If we were to apply for a second round gTLD, we would definitely use Valideus to help us.” 

“I had Valideus recommended to me as the firm to use for my support services and I have already recommended them for other people who are looking to apply for gTLDs next Round.”